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      Topic: Sustainability and the Cement Industry Impact on Global Warming

      When: November 10, 2020 12:00 -1:00 PM Eastern Time

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      Meeting Description: Cement, the primary ingredient, in concrete is responsible for 7 - 8% of the world's production of CO2. These emissions are in part due to the "fact of life" chemistry of the product but also due to combustion emissions given the amount of energy required to manufacture cement. The huge volume of CO2 produced is a function of the great demand for concrete due its innate strength, durability and general best fit as a material for construction. Although we have continued to reduce our footprint over the last several decades the media and environmentalists have caught wind of the carbon intensity of cement production and the attack on the industry is real. The fact is that despite the carbon footprint of the cement industry, concrete remains as the construction material with the lowest carbon intensity and embodied energy. We must fight, the fight to keep our industry at the top, but at the same time, we all must take part in the revolution that takes cement & concrete to a net zero future.   

      Speaker: Jamie Gentoso, PE

      In 2018, Jamie M. Gentoso was named Chief Executive Officer for the US Cement organization of LafargeHolcim. Jamie is an accomplished leader and a professional engineer, and is responsible for all cement product lines, overseeing an organization of approximately 3,200 employees, 13 cement and grinding plants and more than 100 cement terminals.

      Previously Jamie was Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Construction Specialties, and prior to this, Senior Vice President of Concrete at Sika Corporation US. During her career tenure, she has successfully increased growth and market share, fully integrated operations, people, product and systems following an integration, and successfully implemented a new customer relationship management system.

      She began her career at Holcim (here in Michigan) as a technical service engineer and Architectural and Engineering market manager, with a focus on specialty cements, portland cement, slag cement and fly ash.

      Ms. Gentoso has sat on the Board of Directors for several industry organizations, including the NRMCA, the Ready Mix Concrete Foundation, Precast Concrete Educational Foundation, the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program and many others.

      Ms. Gentoso received her Masters of Business Administration from the University of Michigan and holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, also from the University of Michigan.

      Sponsor: Superior Materials, LLC

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